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tennis racket and ball Tennis rackets, or racquets, are lightweight implements consisting of netting stretched in an oval frame.  They are used to strike a ball in the sport of tennis.  From the late nineteenth century through the 1960s, tennis rackets were made with wood frames and catgut strings, but during the 1970s, aluminum frames achieved widespread popularity.  More recently, composite frames with synthetic strings have come to predominate.  The International Tennis Federation set the standards for tennis racket sizes in 1982 and revised them to allow larger heads in 1997 as lighter frame materials became more common.

Tennis Racket Categories

tennis racket Tennis rackets generally fall into three categories:  power oriented rackets, tweener rackets, and player's rackets.  Power rackets are lightweight (usually under 10 ounces), have large heads and are longer (27 inches to 29 inches) to improve the beginner's chances at hitting, and they have a head-heavy balance point.  The momentum created by a heavy head allows the ball to be hit with more power, and the lighter racket may be swung faster with less effort from the player.  However, on impact with the ball, the sharp decline of the racket head's speed causes the remaining momentum created in the swing to transfer to the player's wrist, arm, and shoulder.  This physical stress is likely a major factor contributing to tennis elbow.

tennis player with racket Tweener rackets are intermediate rackets that are nearly evenly balanced, have mid-range lengths (27.5 inches or 28 inches), and weigh around 10 or 11 ounces.  The head size is smaller than a power-oriented racket, attracting intermediate players who are more accurate hitters and desire better control.

Player's rackets are for advanced or professional players who do not need additional power from the racket head's momentum.  These rackets are head-light, usually weigh over 11 ounces, have small heads, and are 27 inches long or slightly longer.  Although a heavier racket takes more human power to swing, a player's racket requires less speed in the swing and offers a more balanced momentum, which contributes to greater accuracy and control.

Other racket considerations include string pattern density and frame stiffness.  A dense, close string pattern lasts longer, but does not rebound or create spin on the ball as well as a wider, open string pattern.  A stiff frame absorbs less shock from impact with the ball, allowing the ball to be hit with more power and control, but it also causes more shock to be transferred to the player's arm.  A flexible frame is preferable for players who want to avoid shock to their wrists, elbows, and shoulders.  Tennis Warehouse has detailed specifications for many different tennis racket models.

On, you will find a selection of tennis racket suppliers and manufacturers plus links to several popular tennis resource websites.

Tennis Racket Manufacturers

  • Prince Tennis
    Manufacturer of tennis ball machines and racquet sports equipment features a comprehensive line of tennis products, including shoes, apparel, and accessories.
  • Pro Kennex Tennis
    This California-based sports technology firm offers a series of scientifically designed racquets.
  • Babolat Tennis Rackets
    Features a broad range of tennis products and accessories, including tennis rackets for competitive and intensive play as well as for recreational players and juniors.
  • Head Tennis
    Both tennis professionals and tennis players of all levels are impressed Head's innovative technology.
  • Wilson Tennis
    Wilson manufactures a broad selection of rackets, balls, string, grips, footwear, nets and tennis accessories.
  • PowerAngle
    This New York-based firm offers tennis rackets featuring diagonal-string technology.
  • Tecnifibre
    Tecnifibre offers high-tech tennis products, including racquets, strings, balls, bags and accessories.

Tennis Information

  • Tennis One
    This premier tennis instruction site features tennis rules, pro shop and pro player's gear, tennis product reviews, and tournament schedules.
  • Tennis Elbow
    Overview of tennis elbow, including its causes, symptoms, and treatment.  From the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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